David Martinez

David founded Fire Vapes because he saw a need in the market. His goal was to provide the best selection of equipment and juices at the best prices. After months of research and sourcing Fire Vapes is finally opening its first shop.


Franchise Director
My name is Honorio Soto Jr.
I started vaping in 2012 with corner store disposable cig-a-like vapes, which turned out to be unsatisfying and found myself switching back and forth between the electronic devices and analog cigarettes. I later encountered that many of my colleagues were also coming across the same problem. So, I set out to learn what other options there might be for smokers that were trying to quit. One of my discoveries turned out to be a rechargeable battery that was extremely exciting and more satisfying than gums or patches.
After a few weeks I came across an online community of vapers that shared their wealth of knowledge to help me find different devices that would provide a more satisfying experience. It was then that I realized I had a duty to spread what was learned. I began a mission that needed me to understand what smokers’ needs and wants were in order to help them quit smoking and allow them to take back their life. I occupied my free time with learning about personal vaporizers and the way they worked but more importantly how the components of E-juice provided smokers the real chance at breaking one of the toughest habits many people will testify to.
I have studied biology and chemistry at South Texas College and The University of Texas where I found my true passion for the sciences to be in the laboratory. It was in those sacred rooms where I was taught the importance of precise measuring and techniques. Along with this knowledge I have always carried an attention to detail and high standard in quality which developed a skill that I have utilized to produce E-juice that is both, robust in flavor and subsides nicotine cravings.
Vape On & Vape Strong

Minion 1

Customer Service Representative
Daniel is sometimes referred to as Minion one because he is very small.

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